Sunday 19 November 2017

change the voice and translate in Hindi

      Change the voice and translate in Hindi 

1. Hindi is taught by him.
2. Bananas are being eaten by the monkey.
 3. A letter is being written by him
4. The servant was punished by the  king
5. A book was being read by him.
6. By whom was this book written?
7. food is cooked by someone every day.
8. May you be blessed with happiness!
9. A red shirt was worn by her
10. A house is being made by them.
11. The work has been finished by me.
12. The report was sent today ,
13. A diamond necklace was sold by her.
14. My book had been stolen by somebody.
15. At what time has this work been done by them
16. which pen was used by you to do this test.
17,by whom had the lie been told

18.when is the exercise taken by you in the morning .
19 So many clothes have been changed by her by now.
20 where has the treasure been hidden by the king.